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Horses of the World

Horses of the WorldBy Élise Rousseau • Yann Le Bris, Illustrator • Teresa Lavender Fagan, TranslatorA beautifully illustrated and detailed guide to the world's horsesHorses of the World is a comprehensive, large-format overview of 570 breeds of domestic and extant...

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Emma G. Wildford

Emma G. WildfordBy Zidrou • Edith, IllustratorIt's been fourteen months since Emma G. Wildford's fiancé, Roald Hodges, a member of the National Geographic Society board the good ship Kinship and set sail for Norway... and she has had no news of him since. Every day,...

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The Prague Coup

The Prague CoupBy Jean-Luc Fromental • Hyman MilesWinter 1948, the Czech capital is under occupation by the allied powers. Debriefed by London Films, Graham Greene works on the writing of his next feature film, assisted by the enigmatic Elizabeth Montagu. A seemingly...

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