General Submission


General submission of books is reserved for those that are within 90 days of the book’s on-sale date or if a book is coming out in the future.

We accept:

  • Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)
  • Manuscripts
  • BLADs
  • eBooks (all formats, including PDF)
  • Printed books

Please note: If you send us a book for general submission that is more than 90 days past its on-sale date, we won’t even enter it into our database. If your book is past 90 days of its release date, please consider our Sponsored Review program.

We do not return books sent to us.

If you would like to snail mail us your book, please send two copies to our office (address listed below). If you have an electronic file of your book, please go use the form below to upload your eBook file.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! Your review will be for whichever format of book you’ve sent us. If you’ve sent us a printed book, we’ll use the format, price, and page count on our review. For example: If you’ve uploaded an eBook for us to review, we’ll use that version’s format, price, and page count on our review. We do not have the staff to make any changes to your review after it has been uploaded to our database (e.g., you have a redesigned cover that you want to swap out the old one with or you lowered the price on your book).

If you answer YES to these questions, you may submit your book to us for General Review consideration:

  • My book was published in the last 90 days or will be coming out soon.
  • I understand you are not guaranteeing you’ll review my book.

Where to mail your books (note this office is the hub for San Francisco Book Review, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, Kids’ BookBuzz, and Tulsa Book Review):

930 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 240
Sacramento, CA 95816


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