Submission Guidelines

Our General Submissions is for books that have been published in the last 90 days or will be published in the future. We accept:

  • Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)
  • Manuscripts
  • BLADs
  • eBooks (all formats, including PDF)
  • Printed books

We receive around 800 books to review every month, and only review about 40% of what we receive. All of the books published on Kids’ BookBuzz are reviewed by kids themselves, aged 5 to 18. We have about 100 adult reviewers for San Francisco, Manhattan and Seattle, and Tulsa Book Reviews from a variety of backgrounds. Primarily, they choose the books they want to review from the selection of books we receive every month.


If you want to guarantee that we will review your book, we suggest our Sponsored Review program.


We use the same reviewers (kids for Kids’ BookBuzz orders and adults for the other brand orders) but the books are assigned to who we feel is the best match for your book. We don’t guarantee a positive review, just a that you will get a good, professional review. If you submit your book prior to publication, you can use all or part of our review as a blurb on the covers and in your marketing materials. If you are not pleased with your review (it happens) you can exchange your review for an ad on the websites or in our weekly book newsletter. Sponsored Reviews are not marked in any way differently than our general submission reviews when we post them on the websites orĀ on our social media (only a select few reviews appear across our social media platforms). If you would like to advertise your book on our social media platforms, click HERE.

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