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We offer three types of advertising for your book:


Interior Website Ad:

Ads run in between article paragraphs and on the sidebar for 30 days on the book review brand of your choice (San Francisco, Manhattan, Seattle, Tulsa, or Kids’ BookBuzz). MORE INFO


Social Media Ad:

Social media ads run across ALL of our social media platforms (Twitter, FB, Google+, Instagram) for ALL of the book review brands (San Francisco, Manhattan, Tulsa & Seattle — if you have a Children’s/Tweens/YA book, we’ll run it on Kids’ BookBuzz as well). PURCHASE


BookBuzz Sponsorship:

Sponsor a week of our BookBuzz newsletter, which reaches more than 3,000 readers via email. BookBuzz recommends five books we think should be on an avid reader’s email.

Make your book the sixth recommendation. MORE INFO