Website Ads

When you purchase an ad spot from us, your ad will be placed with all of our brand websites (San Francisco, Manhattan, Seattle, and Tulsa Book Reviews). If you are advertising a book genre that is appropriate for Kids’ BookBuzz, we’ll place it there as well.

Our ads are responsive (meaning they will resize to their maximum value to fit the space on any computer monitor or mobile device). In the last 12-month period, 63% of our visitors viewed our websites on a desktop computer, and 26% viewed them on a mobile phone.

All ads rotate in the spaces, so if you don’t see your ad immediately, try refreshing your screen. Hero banner ads on our homepage rotate like a slideshow; interior ads rotate on refresh. If there are several ads booked, it may take a couple screen refreshes to see yours.

Ads run for 30 days, and we will provide you with the number of impressions and clicks at the end of that term.

Available Ad Zones


Hero Banner Zone

For the first time ever, we've opened up hero banner (that's the zone on the top of a homepage) advertising space on all five of our websites. We've always offered advertising on our websites, but this is the first time we have allowed authors and publicists to advertise in such a prominent way. We're only allowing THREE ads to rotate in the home page zone per 30 days.

Make sure YOUR book is seen by more than 2,000 visitors a month who land first on our homepage.


Sidebar Ad Zones

We'll place your ad on the right sidebar. Example page HERE.

Your Ad Design


We can design your ad for you free of charge or you can supply it to us in the dimensions stated on the order form. It is important that the text you want on the ad be minimal (about 15% of the ad) so that it is readable on a laptop or mobile phone. Less text is more effective.

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