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City Book Review is the managing company for our book review brands (click on each logo to go to the website). We began in September 2008 at our kitchen table with one publication, and have since grown the company to include a total of four brands and three licensees. We now also offer author marketing services. If we can’t provide a particular service you need, we have vetted publishing industry resources to refer you to.

We also license to the Tulsa City-County Library system (Tulsa Book Review), Portland Book Review, and San Diego Book Review. Tulsa relies on us to provide them with reviews for their monthly printed publication. While we have no control over which reviews they select, simply having your book review available to them increases your chance for additional exposure. Portland and San Diego operate independently of the City Book Review brands, so if you’re wanting a book review from them, follow the links above to go to their respective websites.

This is the hub for ordering a book review from any, or all, of the brands or ordering author services. You’ll also find author-related resource articles here.

You’ll find all of the reviews we’ve done since 2008 on the brand websites, as well as articles and author interviews.

Order a Book Review

We have been offering book reviews since 2008 and have thousands of happy authors and publicists. Because we receive such a high volume of books every month, we created our Sponsored Review program for authors and publicists who want a guaranteed review by a certain date. As with all of our reviews, we do everything in our power to make sure each book gets to the right reviewer.

Click the images below to learn more about each of our programs:

Author Services

At City Book Review, we understand writing your book is only the first step. There are many hats you may need to wear to publish your book. That may feel like a daunting task, but we’re here to empower you on this journey. We can either help you with some of these things or connect you with the resources and agencies that best suit your needs.

We’ve been doing this since 2008, and we are much more than just a book review company. We have some great resources in our back pocket for you – from mentoring to creating a marketing plan to designing your cover to marketing the book you just published, and much more.

Take a look at the author services we offer and contact us today to discuss how we can help with your book launch.

Resources for Authors

You’ll find these recent articles to be a bevy of information to you as an author. Most of the articles are written by seasoned publicists who have been working in the book industry for a very long time. You just can’t beat free advice! Archived articles may be found on the top menu under Resources.

So, you have your first review. Now what?

By Maryglenn McCombs One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a book publicist is delivering that first review of a new book to an author, and in some cases, the first ever review to a new author—especially when said first review is a good one.  Getting that first...

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How To Make Your Book Appeal to a YA Audience

By Morgan Rath You’ve finally done it! That young adult novel you’ve been working on for what feels like forever is finally finished and ready for print! So, now what? How do you make your book stand out amongst the crowd? Here are some tips of what you can do...

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Reaching out to Book Bloggers—Part Two

By Bethany Brown   As we all know—authors, publishers, marketing professionals and book coaches—reviews matter. Any time you can get your book reviewed; participate in an online interview, podcast or webinar; write a guest post or article or even provide an...

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Reaching Out to Book Bloggers (Part One)

By Bethany Brown While there are many different components to a book launch, reaching out to book bloggers is a key piece of any book marketing or publicity plan. Reviews on book blogs, book mentions, author interviews, and guest articles are vital to increase...

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We at City Book Review are the proud owners of many [city] domains. One of the services we offer is the ability to license these domains and run your own book review website on them, just like we do! Our current inventory includes Austin, Baltimore, Cleveland, San Jose, Vanvouver, Washington DC, and more. Check out our licensing page for more details on how you can run your own book review website.

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