What’s a Sponsored Review?

A Sponsored Review means that we guarantee that we’ll review your book in the timeframe ordered, which will appear on the brand(s) of your choice.

Why would I want a Sponsored Review?

You’d want to order a Sponsored Review if your book is more than 90 days past publication date. Once your book passes that date, we won’t consider it for a free review. Last year, we received nearly 3,000 books to review, and we reviewed about 40% of them. So, you may want to consider ordering a Sponsored Review just because you want it reviewed by one of the nation’s leading book review companies (pssst…that’s us).

Book reviews are, ideally, something you should be lining up a few months prior to your book’s publication date. We provide blurbs for book covers and/or marketing purposes, as well as full reviews. If you’re still in the planning stages for publishing your book, check out our Author Marketing Services. We can help you get all the balls rolling.

But it’s never too late to order a book review, even if your book came out several months or years ago. Reviews can be used to reboot slow book sales.

Sponsored Review orders simply push your book to the top of our review list.

“City Book Review offers the absolute best promotional opportunities for both traditionally and independently published authors. They’ve built a stable of seasoned professional reviewers whose shrewed and sensitive coverage across a myriad of genres is second to none, rivaling the best Sunday book pages and other major web-based book sites. As authors, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find outlets that cover books in such an insightful and credible fashion that’s certain to serve our cause, no matter the career stage we’re at. I’ve come back to them again and again and have every intention of continuing to do so with future titles.”

—Jon Land, author

Sponsored Review Options

Use these buttons to help choose the right package for you.

“If book reviews are gold, then expert reviews from trusted sources are platinum. I proudly count my review from San Francisco Book Review in the platinum category. It has pride of place next to other notable editorial reviews on my website and I’ve been able to use several great pull quotes in my advertising. Add this to the stellar communication from the staff and you can see why this author is impressed.” -Terri Lee, author of Paper Castles


If I order multiple reviews, will each be written by a different reviewer?

If you order more than one review to appear on the websites of your choice, each will be done by different reviewers. You’ll have an opportunity to approve both, one, or none of the reviews, trading it/them for a website ad.

What formats do you accept?
  • Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)
  • Manuscripts
  • BLADs
  • eBooks (all formats, including PDF)
  • Printed books
What if I don't like my review?

We do our best to place your book with an appropriate reviewer, which is why we ask for a book description, book cover, and anything else you’d like our pool of more than 120 reviewers to know when selecting a book to review. We are not in the business of providing vanity reviews. Should you purchase a Sponsored Review from us, you’ll be getting an honest opinion of your book and an appropriate star rating (1-5). However, we want you to feel that you got some value for your money, so we offer the ability to trade your review for an ad that will run on our website for 30 days. At the end of that term, we’ll provide you with impression and click-through statistics.

Can I submit both a printed book and an eBook?

You may send us both an eBook and printed book as an option for our reviewers to choose; however, with whichever package you end up purchasing, we’ll review ONE type of format. We will list out on your review the book’s format, price, and page count. If you decide, before the review is uploaded to the website of your choice, to change the book’s information (e.g., format, price, or page count), just let us know. If you wish to change any of this information — even the book cover — after it has been uploaded, we can do that, but there will be a $25 fee.

What's your opinion? Should I send in an eBook or printed book?

We get this question all the time. And it’s a really good one! We have a diverse pool of more than 120 adult book reviewers and around 80 children reviewers for Kids’ BookBuzz. Some prefer eBooks, while others like to stick with the printed books. Some live outside of the U.S., and only can review eBooks. So, it really is up to you on which format you want to send for review. Or send us both formats.

Are the Sponsored Reviews identified any differently than your regular reviews?

No, we don’t identify a Sponsored Review any differently than non-Sponsored reviews.

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