Our History

The book review publications began as a collaboration between founders, Heidi and Ross Rojek, who, in 2008, had just started dating. Ross, a voracious reader, had this crazy idea of starting his own book review publication because there was nothing on the market then that was giving him the volume of book suggestions he was after. With Heidi’s background in marketing and graphic design, she thought they’d make a great team to launch this new business.

And, so Sacramento Book Review was born on their kitchen table.

San Francisco Book Review was formed in 2009, after a successful year of publishing Sacramento Book Review. We were distributing SBR in the Bay Area, and many readers were asking when we were going to make one for the Bay Area. And so, SFBR was born.

Changing With the Times

With the economy in the tank as we were starting the company, it became very expensive to print and find advertisers to support it. Technology was blooming and the demands of readers was, too. We decided to abandon printing and focus on building the best book review websites available.

Adding to the Success

Since launching in 2008, we’ve added more city brands to the mix: Manhattan, Portland, Seattle, and Tulsa Book Reviews. In 2014, we decided to start Kids’ BookBuzz, which is exclusively done by kids from 5 years old to 18 years old.

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