Hi, I’m Heidi

Owner, designer, marketer

I have a background in graphic design and marketing. I handle everything from the websites to print layout for clients, like Tulsa Book Review. If you’re hearing about us, then that probably came from me. My other title is Chief Cat Herder.

If you have any questions about the website or getting your book reviewed, I’m the person to help you.

Hi, I’m Ross

The man behind all this

I’m more or less the brainchild who came up with this concept in 2008. My role here today is to introduce new ideas, which drive the staff crazy, and act as an advisor when it comes to all things books and publishing.

If you’d like to pitch a book to us, you can email me.

Hi, I’m Chris

…and I manage nearly everything here

I’ve been here since 2012, so that makes me the keeper of knowledge. I manage the office and book reviewers (all 200 of them!), which is no small feat. If you’re looking at the book reviews here, you’re seeing them because I sent the books out for review. Without me, this place would fall apart, because no one else in the office knows how to use the postage machine. Two words: job security.

Hi, I’m Lily

I’m the office dog

I’m in charge of office morale, inspecting everyone’s lunches, and receiving book shipments. Any visitors will be greeted with vigorous tail wags.

Hi, I’m Danielle

…and I copy edit all of the reviews

I have a PhD in English from UC Davis, which I now put to use by concocting progressively more erudite ways to yell at my cats. I have made the mistake of giving up caffeine, and now I’m insufferable. I also grew a plant once and it didn’t die.

Hi, I’m Jennifer

…Roving reporter

I’m a novelist who attends author events to hear you talk about your new books…and then I digest those sage words into a review. If you’d like us to cover your event, don’t be shy.

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