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The Art of Modern Cake
By Heidi Holmon
Yellow Pear Press

In The Art of Modern Cake, Satin Ice Artist of Excellence and owner of De la Creme Creative Studio Heidi Moore Holmon offers both new and experienced bakers a gorgeously photographed instructional guide with everything needed to create extravagant single and multi-tier cakes. Featuring chapters on edible flowers, piping skills, food coloring techniques, and more,  The Art of Modern Cake acts as both an aspirational cake-making book and an inspirational coffee table book. Takeaways: • This book will be a go-to reference for both aspiring bakers and for bakers who want to take their skills to the next level. • The text will teach how to transform deliciously simple cakes into dazzling feasts for the eyes and taste buds. • It will include advice on cake prep, the cake decorating supplies needed, how to mix custom colors, and troubleshooting for collapsed cakes, lumpy fondant, broken ganache, and more. • Readers will learn to frost like a pro with recipes for buttercream, chocolate ganache, fondant, and easy-to-follow directions on how to apply them. Audience: This book is targeted at people (mostly women) who love to make cakes and want to take their skills to the next level and be the perfect gift book for those who aspire to make amazing cakes but will never get around to learning how. It will also appeal to people who want to be able to post beautifully decorated cakes on Instagram.