Book Blogger Outreach

In addition to our own bank of reviewers, City Book Review has a list of more than 400 book bloggers and reviewers that we use and stay in contact with regularly. They’re a mix of websites, personal blogs, GoodReads, Amazon, or LibraryThing bloggers and other public outlets of readers who love books and what to share what they’re reading, interested in reading, or find helpful to other readers.

We can promote your book or article to this network of book bloggers and help you get more exposure. We’ve organized each blogger by demographic and genre preferences, so we can focus promoting your book to the group most likely to be interested in it and most likely to mention, review, or link to your book and help with your promotion. These blogs all have their own readers, and many are on social platforms that encourage sharing and reblogging of each other’s posts.

You can also use these packages for launch day promotions for a new book. We’ll need at least 2 weeks to get it set up, but with this, you can have up to 100 book bloggers all talking about your new book on its most important day – the first day.

Getting the word out on your book is time- and labor-intensive. We can help reach social media influencers in the book industry through our blogger outreach and guest posting programs. Finding the best book review blogs for your book takes work. You’ve already found us, and because we already know hundreds of other bloggers, let us save you time and effort in your book marketing. We offer four different packages.

Once you purchase a package, we put together an email pitch to our bloggers and send it out to a segment of our blogger contacts that we think will be interested in your book. If you already have a book review from us, we include that, or reviews from any other source. We give them a book summary, author bio, cover image, links to any book video you’ve produced or anything else that seems relevant. We send out emails every week to all our bloggers, and then follow up with everyone that has expressed interest in doing something with your book.

As we get closer to having all of the posts that you’ve ordered, we slow down the emails and start collecting links to all of the posts to send to you as a report. Most authors that have ordered a package have received more posts than they’d actually paid for, so those are a bonus for you.

These programs can take a couple of weeks to complete. We’ll stay in touch along the way so you’ll get some ongoing reports.

Book Blogger Websites and Sources


Where do book bloggers post their reviews? Everywhere.

People love books and love sharing them with their friends and random strangers on the internet. Some bloggers just share the books they read, others post book news, talk about writing, share cool books, pictures of books, upcoming new releases or old favorites. Many of these bloggers want to become paid book reviewers or are just trying to get free books (or make just enough money to pay for their books), others have an English or creative writing degree that they don’t use professionally, so this gives them an outlet.

So how do you find them? There are a couple of ways:

  1. Online directories. Several websites have extensive directories of book bloggers of various stages of accuracy. Some have contact info and the types of books each blogger is interested in.
  2. Go to book related websites and search for currently posting users and see what they post. The easy sites are like GoodReads or LibraryThing.
  3. Go into Web 2.0 sites and start searching for books. Pick a recently published book that’s related to your book and search for that title or author and see who has mentioned it, and then approach them.

What do we mean by Web 2.0 sites? They’re social media sites that encourage crowdsourced content, communication, and sharing. You probably use one or more of them every day. Twitter and Facebook are probably two of the biggest.

Places we find book bloggers (or they find us):

All of these sites give writers not only a place to write but also a place to share with other readers and book lovers. If a blogger has their own site (self-hosted), then they have to bring traffic to their website. If they post on a social media site like Tumblr, it’s easy for other readers to find them and share those posts and for them to be shared again and again. Getting bloggers on your side helps not only with your current book, but future book launches as well.

You can spend your time and energy running book bloggers down, or have us help you. We have hundreds of blogger contacts, from brand new to experienced book bloggers. We can do your book marketing outreach for you, and save you time and effort, and guarantee multiple placements of your book on many different platforms.

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