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We’ve always offered ads on our website, but we recently experimented with allowing authors to advertise their book on OUR popular social media accounts (FB, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram). We’ve been very pleased (and a bit surprised) at the number of views on these ads, so that’s why we are encouraging authors to take advantage of appealing to readers who follow us on social media (i.e., encourage them to buy your book).

If you have a social media page, you see the analytics on your posts. Some don’t get much reach, while others have a far reach. You need to experiment to see what your followers want to see on your page.

For our pages, the posts that get the most views are (1) the review snippets we do for newly uploaded book reviews, (2) book ads, (3) author event announcements, (4) our office dog pictures (go figure!), and (5) pictures of our two-year-old granddaughter reading to the dog. Our original articles, for some reason, don’t have as much interest as the other posts.

So you may want to hit the trifecta and buy a spot showing our granddaughter reading your book to our dog. ha ha!

What You’ll Get:

Advertise your book across all of our brands’ social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram). For only $100, your ad will appear 3x over all of our accounts. You can provide the ad in the dimensions we require or we can design it for you free of charge.


Sample Ad

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