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Dan “Tito” Davis

Author of Gringo


Tito is a bit different than most of the authors we’ve helped with promotional efforts. Tito’s main goal is to attract a producer in Hollywood to turn Gringo into a movie. His long-term needs were:

  • Name-recognition
  • Becoming an authority on rendition

His focus wasn’t necessarily on increasing book sales, but more about attracting the attention of a Hollywood producer.


After we did Tito’s book review, he approached us about helping him market his book, Gringo.

  • Created a book review video, which was turned over to a movie producer
  • Sent out several press releases
  • Did some website advertising on the City Book Review websites and Facebook
  • Performed on-site and off-site SEO for better performance on Google searches:
    • Wrote several articles for placement on other websites
    • Conducted interviews and place them with various sources
    • Performed SEO research and thousands of backlinks for keywords
    • Optimized his images for SEO
    • Conducted book blogger outreach
    • Consulted with audiobook creators

SEO is actually a lot more work than it looks like in several bullet points. It’s several months of ongoing outreach to get results. Nothing with SEO happens overnight, which is why we recommend if authors want us to do this that they go with a 6-month (or longer) contract.