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The Spirited Kitchen: Recipes and Rituals for the Wheel of the Year
By Carmen Spagnola
The Countryman Press

Weave magic into every day with seasonal cooking and craft designed for each solstice, equinox, and halfway point in between!

In The Spirited Kitchen, practicing witchcraft means nurturing a relationship with the seasons and drawing on ancestral roots to find magic in small details.

From the Halloween festivities of Samhain to Midsummer celebrations and the return of autumn at Harvest Home, witch and animist Carmen Spagnola will be your guide through the modern pagan Wheel of the Year.

Here, you’ll learn to channel folk magic into every ingredient, feast, and centerpiece. In winter, Cranberry Custard Tarts encourage health and well-being; in spring, Deep Dish Nettle Quiche ushers in resilience after cold months; and Calendula Chicken embodies the abundance of summer. Along the way, ritual crafts like Salt Spells, Witches Ladders, and Corn Dollies set the scene with extra symbolism.

Complete with stunning photographs, tips on foraging, and a glossary of spirited symbols and ingredients, this book is an enchanting guide to seasonal magic.

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