The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook Collection: Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook, Downton Abbey Official Cookbook
Weldon Owen

This elegant set of cookbooks celebrates the characters, customs, and way of life at Downton Abbey.

With this alluring and vibrant set of cookbooks, fans of the PBS series and anglophiles alike can stage traditional Christmas celebrations and timeless British meals at home. Spanning sweet and savory dishes fit for any occasion—like Pear Charlotte, Oysters au Gratin, Palestine Soup, and Filet Mignons Lili—to classic and Downton–inspired Christmas dishes—like Figgy Pudding, Roast Turkey, Christmas Apple Pie, and Stuffed Mushrooms—these recipes capture the quintessential delicacies Edwardian England, and the proper way to serve them.

This gift set features a detailed narrative history and extols the proper decorum for special occasion and holiday gatherings, gorgeous food photographs, lifestyle stills from the television series and recent movie, and character quotes, all of which bring the characters of Downton Abbey to life.

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