50 Book Blogger Outreach


Guaranteed at least 50 book blogger mentions or reviews of your book, article or video.


We work with 50 book bloggers that will link to and mention your review from the San Francisco, Manhattan, Seattle, or Tulsa Book Reviews, or Kids BookBuzz.

This provides more exposure and SEO backlinks to your review or website, creating more attention and visibility for you.

This can also be used with your video review, website, or other promotional pages or articles you have written.

We reach out to the bloggers on your behalf, sharing your book and story to get them interested in posting something about you to their readers and followers on whichever platform they use. We send out one or more emails depending on the package you purchased and then follow up with the bloggers to get the links they posted and send them to you as a report.

The whole process can take 2-6 weeks depending on the number of blog posts purchased, so it’s also good as a drip campaign keeping some attention on your book over a period of time. We can also arrange for a release day promotion, where every book blog posts something about your book all on the same day. After you purchase this, you’ll be redirected to a form to let us know about you, your book and what you’d like.


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