There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book. Unless of course there’s a little edible to go along with it. Cannabis culture demands that there’s plenty of interesting literature not only to entertain us, but to educate us as well. Cannabis has always been a hot subject, but even more so now as legalization is in full swing. The stigmas about marijuana are fading fast, and authors are bringing us updated information about the health benefits of pot and the many ways to enjoy it.

Whether you’re new to the marijuana scene or an experienced bong user, books on the history and grass roots movement of pot are always an interesting read. You’ll be able to find out comprehensive information about what makes cannabis such a versatile plant. We’ve been using the cannabis plant throughout history for food, medicine, oil, fibers, and of course to get high. At what point did it become such a taboo subject and an illegal drug? Finding the answers to these questions and more is easy now that weed literature is trending in bookstores everywhere.

Many of the books on the list dive right into the politics and pop culture of marijuana – they get right to the point, digging into the many ways that cannabis is misunderstood and the numerous political games that are playing out over it around the country. You’ve got legislation wars and good and bad media coverage; you’ve got public opinion that ranges from the ridiculously uneducated to the smartly informed. And then you have the medical community fighting over the pros and cons of weed. Informing and educating yourself through literature is a good way to filter out the fallacies from the truth.

It’s not just serious-minded marijuana books that are hitting the bookshelves. Ready to jump into the world of edibles beyond the classic pot brownie? There’s a book out there for you – even vegans aren’t left out of the kitchen. With more people recognizing the many health benefits of weed, they’re cooking and consuming pot in too many ways to count. Find out how you can make your own munchies and meals.

Once you’re nicely high and relaxed on the edibles you just made, kick back and read a book that should only be read when you’re high. Don’t just stick to the books on this list – there are numerous fiction books that have been written throughout history that feature characters enjoying a toke or two. Or check out books that were written while the author was under the influence. Numerous authors are proud of the work they produced while imbibing in a bit of the ganja.

The cannabis culture is here to stay, growing in popularity as science and medicine reveal new discoveries about this unique plant. Well-written literature is just what we need to continue to debunk the myths surrounding marijuana.

These 24 books here each tell the story of cannabis, all the way from growing it to cooking with it to getting lost in a tale of fiction with weed playing a central role. So grab a book, get mellow, and read.

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