Dry: Delicious Handcrafted Cocktails and Other Clever Concoctions―Seasonal, Refreshing, Alcohol-Free
By Clare Liardet

Festive, sophisticated cocktails for everyone? Yes, please! With alcohol-free options so refreshing to drink, simple to make, and for any season or occasion, going dry has never been easier:

Celebrate Dry January in style with an Espresso Mint Martini
Spoil yourself at breakfast with a Blood Orange Sunrise
Toast the mother-to-be with a bubbly Paloma Fizz
Keep your summer picnic kid-friendly with a refreshing Raspberry and Lavender Shrub
Thank the oft-forgotten designated driver with an eye-opening Chile and Lime Margarita

Plus, for the new mocktail mixologist, Dry comes complete with a guide to essential equipment, easy-to-find ingredients, simple syrup recipes, and more. Cheers!


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