The Roman Search for Wisdom

Posted in History by - June 16, 2014
The Roman Search for Wisdom

By Michael K. Kellogg
Prometheus Books, $28.95, 335 pages

The Roman Search for Wisdom was a delicious read that was easily devoured in one sitting. With a succinct introduction on the history of Rome, the mass of the book is literary examples showcasing that Rome indeed was able to stand on its own in terms of literature, philosophy, and the like. While it did piggyback heavily off Greece and absorbed the many aspects of all of the cultures Rome amassed, Rome was more than capable of ingenuity across the platforms. The biggest highlight of the book is the ten-page compilation of ancient and Classic literature resources listed in the back. One need only read one of Rome’s finest works by my favorite biographer Suetonius to know that Romans were anything but boring, rolled with the punches, and made great strides all on their own.

“Played the slave to gain a throne.”

This book could be seen as dry and boring by those with little interest or background knowledge of the full depth of Roman history, but this book is a perfect way for someone to get started in the ancient and Classical history without setting foot in a classroom. It’s written so anybody can understand and find it interesting. I highly recommend this book!

Reviewed by Kim Heimbuch

  • Release Date: 5/6/2014
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