The Deliverance of Evil

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The Deliverance of Evil

By Roberto Costantini, N.S. Thompson, Translator
Quercus, $26.95, 576 pages

Whether you will want to read The Deliverance of Evil will depend on your attitude toward anti-heroes. The book is about a man in a corrupt social system. In his twenties, he becomes a police officer and, as a survivor, he develops strong defensive abilities, i.e. if expedient, he’s violent. Because of his sexism, he’s one of the boys and blends in. Because of the violence, few dare challenge him.

As a young officer, he gets involved in a murder case. He thinks he’s solved it but, in the moment of his triumph, a witness is discovered who shoots down the case in flames. His boss takes the blame, but our hero lives with the guilt of his failure. Now a senior officer, the past resurfaces and he’s embarrassed into reopening the old case. What then happens is completely riveting.

This is a take-no-prisoners view of a corrupt society and a guide on what it takes to survive and prosper. The detail of the police procedural is brilliantly managed and, as we get closer to the end, the thriller wattage increases with increasingly desperate police officers chasing their tails as bullets fly and a key person is kidnapped.

Reviewed by David Marshall

  • Release Date: 2/11/2014
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