Our Rating System

Remember…this is only ONE PERSON’S comments on a book. What one person thinks is a great read might not be the opinion of another person…and visa versa. Below is the suggestions we give all of our reviewers for ranking a book:

1 Star   – Probably only going to be read and enjoyed by the author’s mother.
2 Stars – This book was a waste of time for the general reader
3 Stars – While not a bad book, probably wouldn’t read it again/recommend it to a friend.
4 Stars – Enjoyed it, will recommend it to friends.
5 Stars – An excellent example of the genre. Will be giving it out as gifts.

The review should reflect the star count. If you enjoyed the book, it’s probably a 4 or 5. A book that was okay – lands a 3. Only finished it, or found yourself starting to write the review in your head using terms like “tedious,” “needs editing,” or “what planet did this author grow up on?” – warrants a 2.   Don’t want to have the book near your bed at night when you are sleeping in case it might cause cancer or stupidity? – 1 star.

Bottom line? A three isn’t a recommendation. It’s a “You’ll like this sort of thing if you like this sort of thing” kind of review.