Murder and Moonshine

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Murder and Moonshine

By Carol Miller
Minotaur Books, $25.99, 304 pages

Murder and Moonshine is a first novel set in bayou country where the natives run wild, making moonshine and then drinking it, more often than not discharging their guns while intoxicated and generally having a good time before passing into unconsciousness. Our spunky young hero works in the local diner and her day is ruined when a local staggers in and expires on the floor in front of the customers. Fortunately no one blames the food served at the diner.

When it turns out the old guy was poisoned with arsenic, the ATF come into play and this sets up the love triangle. The good-looking hunk in the suit and fancy shoes is completely lost out in the boondocks so gets our hero to act as a guide. This immediately brings her into contact with the local good-looking moonshiner with the predictable sparks flying as she tries to solve the murder and choose between the men.

While the reason for all the excitement proves to be interesting, the rest of the book is a romance-tinged mystery-by-the-numbers plot that should have been left in the bottom drawer. Even with plenty of illicit hooch to wash it down, this is not a book to try.

Reviewed by David Marshall

  • Release Date: 12/17/2013
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