I Am Kai, Journal One: Water

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I Am Kai, Journal One: Water

By Claire Bruno
Smashwords, $0.99, 37,820 words

Kai is just your average African fifteen-year-old inventor. He lives with his inventor parents and a pack of dogs in a secluded spot in Africa, and he can hold his breath for ten minutes. He has never drunk water because when he was born, his parents implanted a device in him that produces its own water that goes directly into his bloodstream. When his parents are kidnapped by a corrupt government official, who wants to sell the device to the African masses because water is becoming scarcer and scarcer and the official knows he can get rich by selling it. But Kai is the only person it works on. Kai and his new friend Fawn must journey across Africa to save them.

Kai is an interesting, self-reliant character, which is refreshing. There are very few romantic scenes, if any, which was also refreshing. The solutions that Kai and Fawn created to the problems they faced were creative, and the African setting was fascinating. There were lots of facts about African wildlife. It was an interesting plot that kept me engaged. I will enjoy reading more about Kai in future installments.

Reviewed by Gretl, Age 13

  • Release Date: 1/24/2014
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