Countryside: The Book of the Wise

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Countryside: The Book of the Wise

By J.T. Cope
Village Green Press, LLC, $24.95, 282 pages

Eleven-year-old Luke Rayburn’s father escaped from his dangerous past in hopes of keeping his family safe, but the magical world of Countryside and the war for the Book of the Wise has overtaken Luke’s young life and turned it upside-down when his father is least able to protect them.  Deadly, magical creatures appear on his urban street as Luke’s dad gets ready to deploy overseas. There’s only one place for the Rayburn family to go: Countryside, a magical alter existence where Luke’s grandparents live on a grand estate. Centaurs roam and teach classes, astrology is a course at school, and dark creatures like the soulless lurk about and lure curious young boys into danger. Luke merely needs to survive but finds purpose in Countryside he’s never felt before. Is it his fate to save the way of life his father left long ago?

Fun and easy-to-read, J.T. Cope IV’s novel Countryside- The Book of the Wise is fast-paced and thrilling. While the characters are rather one-dimensional, the plot is thick and the make-believe world of Countryside is a fun place to lose oneself in for a few hours. Young fantasy or science fiction fans are sure to enjoy Luke’s adventures. Join him as he steps into a totally unknown world where he’s got to find his inner strength and learn to expand his mind beyond what he’s known his entire life. He also faces so many of the challenges kids face in the real world, like fitting in, bullying, siblings, and growing up. There’s plenty of danger, drama, and downright great storytelling to keep the pages turning.

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  • Release Date: 12/2/2013
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